Offline Odyssey: Can You Use Notion When You’re Not Connected To The Internet?

Offline Odyssey: Can You Use Notion When You’re Not Connected To The Internet?

Notion, the comprehensive productivity tool, has become an indispensable part of many workflows. But what happens when you’re not connected to the internet? Can you still access and use Notion offline? The answer is a resounding yes! Notion provides users with the ability to access their content offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity even without an internet connection.

How to Use Notion Offline

To use Notion offline, simply open the app on your preferred device (desktop, iOS, or Android). You will be presented with a local-only workspace that contains a subset of your data. This includes:

  • Notes
  • Pages
  • Databases (limited to the last 1,000 entries)
  • Attachments (if they have been downloaded previously)

While offline, you can make changes to your local workspace and they will be automatically synchronized to the cloud once you regain internet connectivity. Note that syncing may take some time depending on the amount of data you have made changes to.

Limitations of Offline Mode

While Notion’s offline mode is incredibly useful, there are certain limitations to keep in mind:

  • Not All Data is Available Offline: Only a limited portion of your Notion data (as mentioned earlier) is accessible offline. This includes media and other large attachments.
  • Collaboration is Disabled: Offline mode disables collaboration features, so you cannot invite others to view or edit your pages.
  • Some Features Are Unavailable: Not all of Notion’s features are available in offline mode, including advanced filtering, sorting, and search capabilities.
  • Syncing Delays: Syncing back to the cloud may be delayed, especially if you have made significant changes or have a slow internet connection.


Notion’s offline mode is a valuable feature that enables you to stay productive even when you’re disconnected from the internet. While it has some limitations, it provides access to your essential content and allows you to make changes that will be automatically synced once you reconnect. By leveraging Notion’s offline capabilities, you can enjoy continued productivity in a variety of situations where internet access is not readily available.