How Can I Create Custom Templates And Workflows?

Creating Custom Templates and Workflows

To amplify the power of, you can craft custom templates and workflows that align seamlessly with your unique processes.

Creating Custom Templates

  1. Select a Template: Begin by choosing an existing template that approximates your desired outcome.
  2. Customize Form Fields: Tailor the input and selection fields to capture the specific information you require.
  3. Format Visuals: Modify labels, colors, and fonts to enhance clarity and visual appeal.
  4. Save and Name: Once your template meets your specifications, save it with a descriptive name for easy identification.

Creating Custom Workflows

  1. Define Trigger: Specify the action or event that initiates the workflow (e.g., a new item is created, a date is reached).
  2. Set Conditions: Determine the criteria that must be met for the workflow to proceed (e.g., specific item status or custom field value).
  3. Add Actions: Select the actions to be performed when the conditions are met (e.g., send notifications, update item fields, create follow-up tasks).
  4. Save and Activate: Name and save your workflow before activating it to automate processes effortlessly.
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