Is The Code Behind Gemini Accessible To The Public?

Is The Code Behind Gemini Accessible To The Public?

Gemini is a hypertext markup language protocol designed to provide a straightforward means to easily author and publish documents. It operates as an alternative to the current HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the HTML markup language.

Gemini is a text-based protocol, meaning that it relies on plain text to send information over the internet. This makes it more compact and efficient than HTML, which includes tags and other markup for formatting. Additionally, Gemini does not support JavaScript, Java applets, and graphics. A Gemini client requests a Gemini capsule, which is a file stored on a Gemini server containing the document that the client is interested in.

Gemini’s Code Accessibility:

The Gemini protocol and its specifications are completely open and accessible to the public. The source code for the reference implementation of the Gemini protocol is freely available on GitHub under the MIT License. This enables anyone interested in implementing a Gemini client or server to examine and modify the code as required.

Advantages of Open-Source Nature:

The open-source nature of Gemini offers several benefits:

  • Transparency: Open-source software allows anyone to inspect the code, ensuring transparency and trust in the protocol.

  • Collaboration: Open-source promotes collaboration, encouraging developers to contribute improvements and fixes to the code.

  • Flexibility: Developers can customize and modify the Gemini code to suit specific needs and preferences.

  • Community Growth: The open-source community can contribute to the protocol’s development and maintenance.


The code behind Gemini is completely accessible to the public, distributed under the open-source MIT License. This openness enables transparency, collaboration, flexibility, and community growth. It encourages developers to examine, modify, and contribute to the code, ultimately contributing to the protocol’s improvement and advancement.

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