How Can I Embed Content In Notion?

Embedding Content in Notion

Notion offers robust capabilities for embedding various forms of external content, allowing you to easily incorporate elements from other platforms and sources into your workspace. This functionality enhances collaboration, simplifies information access, and enriches your overall Notion experience.

Embedding URLs

To embed a URL in Notion, paste the hyperlink directly into a page or block. Notion will automatically fetch the content from the URL and display it as a rich embed with a preview of the linked webpage or file. You can also customize the embed settings to adjust the size and display style.

Embedding Web Apps

Notion supports embedding web applications, providing convenient access to external tools and services within your workspace. To embed a web app, use the /embed command and paste the web app URL. Notion will then create an embed block that hosts the web app, allowing you to interact with it directly from Notion.

Embedding Videos and Audio

You can embed videos and audio files from various platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SoundCloud. To embed a video, use the /video command followed by the video URL. Similarly, for audio, use the /audio command. Notion will automatically create an embed block that plays the media content within your workspace.

Embedding Documents and PDFs

To embed a document or PDF file in Notion, drag and drop it onto the page or block where you want to include it. Notion will create an embed block that displays a preview of the document or PDF, allowing you to access and view it without leaving Notion.