How Can I Brainstorm And Mind Map Ideas In Notion?

Brainstorming in Notion

Notion offers several features to facilitate brainstorming sessions. One effective method is to create a “Brainstorm” database. This database can consist of pages, each representing a specific brainstorming topic or idea. The pages can include text, links, images, and comments to capture ideas comprehensively.

To create a brainstorm database:

  1. Create a new database.
  2. Choose “Page” as the property type.
  3. Name it “Brainstorm” or a suitable name.
  4. Customize the database properties to include any relevant fields, such as “Topic,” “Description,” or “Status.”


Consider a marketing team brainstorming new campaign ideas. They can create a “Brainstorm” database with pages for each potential campaign. Each page would include details like the target audience, campaign goal, and potential strategies.

Mind Mapping in Notion

Notion also offers options for mind mapping. Mind mapping involves creating visual representations of ideas, connecting them through lines and branches. Notion allows you to create mind maps using linked databases.

To create a mind map:

  1. Create two databases: “Ideas” and “Connections.”
  2. In the “Ideas” database, create pages for each idea, including relevant information.
  3. In the “Connections” database, create pages representing the relationships between ideas. Link the “Ideas” pages to the “Connections” pages.


For a product development team, a mind map can help visualize the relationships between different features, user needs, and potential solutions. The “Ideas” database would contain pages for specific features or user requirements, while the “Connections” database would link them to show how they connect or depend on each other.

By utilizing Notion’s brainstorming and mind mapping capabilities, teams can effectively generate, organize, and connect ideas, fostering creativity and collaboration.